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EMM-TECH one day introductory courses for People and Horses


EMM-TECH for People

A one day course to introduce you to the EMMETT Technique.

This is aimed at  non practitioners, so you do not need to worry about having prior knowledge of anatomy.

It is a fun day of self-help  learning to use the EMMETT Technique to relieve your own pain and discomfort.

There are no technical wordings, just simple techniques.

Pratctitioners are always very welcome to join us and see how  the EMMETT Technique can enhance their therapy modalities.

This course also counts towards CPD. ( continued personal development) and a certificate will be issued.

What to you expect on the day

We teach you 11 EMMETT Technique moves covering the whole body from feet to shoulders. 

Non-therapists can use these moves on themselves, friends or family,

Practitioners can add these modalities to their tool box to assist their clients.

I am always amazed at the results we see on these courses. On one course we had a trainee who had shoulders issues and was unable to raise her arm above her waistline. Within a few moments she raised her arm and needless to say she was a little emotional. She had been like this for years. 

You will be shown these moves and have them used on you, so you will  feel much more balanced by the end of the day.

Many are so amazed at the results they continue with further courses. 

EMM-Tech on Horses.

Also a one day  introduction course designed for the horse owner; no experience is necessary.

A fun day in a friendly  environment with other horse owners, no technical words, just easy easy to use techniques to relax and mainatin your horse.

Horse practitioners are very welcome to enhance their skills with the EMMETT Technique.

This counts towards CPD ( continued personal development)  and a certificate is issued

What to expect on the day

As this is an introduction to the EMMETT Technique we teach  four  horse moves and four human moves.

It is important for the rider or owner to experience how EMMETT changes the body and what it feels like to be treated.

Many horse owners are so impressed they continue to become practitioners.

What is the cost and what do I need on the day?

Your investment in these courses is currently £100 per course. If you repeat any of the EMMETT courses there is a 50% discount.

All training paperwork is supplied, but you may wish to bring a notebook and pen. 

All training is done over clothing. Please wear appropriate loose clothing.

Drinks are  supplied, but please bring your own packed lunch. 

Silver Web holistic centre


Where are the People courses?

The people courses are held near to Chesterfield Derbyshire.

The Silver Web Holistic Centre,

Eyre Street, Clay Cross,


S45 9NS.

There is adjacent short stay 2 hr free car parking,  however we suggest you park in the long stay car park opposite Tesco which is a two minute walk away.

If you already run group training and would like to hold an EMM-TECH training day please contact me for further information.

Where are the Horse courses?

We try to hold these locally and are always looking for yards where there are facilities and access to treat a few horses,

What are the dates of the courses?

People EMM-Tech courses

Sunday 2 February 2020. .......                  Sorry this is now fully booked.

Saturday 7 March  2020.

Horses EMM-Tech courses

Dates yet to be arranged

Further information can be found on the main EMMETT UK website