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     EMMETT  Therapies on         Horses Humans and Dogs

EMMETT For Horses Humans and Dogs in Chesterfield, Derby and Sheffield

 EMMETT Muscle Therapy is ideal for all levels of horse riding, whether you are a professional preparing for competition or a novice taking to the saddle for the first time. We offer treatment to both you and your horse, helping to create a balanced connection between you. 



EMMETT Treatments are non-invasive, safe and comfortable for horse and rider. We use slight finger pressure or light 'switches' on designated muscle points to trigger muscle release. As you can see on the photograph above this lovely older lady, Mandy, was enjoying the treatment. She was so relaxed she fell asleep during her treatment!

I've treated several horses who were somewhat wary and, according to their owners, didn't particularly like being touched. With the EMMETT technique I prefer to treat the horse in the stable, without head collar and with full freedom to walk away from my treatment. This ensures that both the horse and I feel in control and can quickly build a trusting relationship. I've found the horse normally approaches for further treatment once it's initial and natural wariness has been overcome. And then frequently wallows in the muscle relaxation this technique offers. Spa treatment for horses as some owners have described to me!


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