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Many thanks for your skills in making [us] feel in less pain. I can't believe how much better my arm and neck feel. [xx] says she had the best night's sleep and woke up feeling great. Praise for you indeed. Still don't understand how it works but only know that it does. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.

Satisfied client from Glossop, Derbyshire


Twelve weeks after having fallen seven feet onto a concrete floor, landing on my back resulting in a fracture of T12, the discomfort was increasing. I had been hugely lucky in that my injuries could have been far worse and the fractured T12 was stable. The healing was progressing but my body was doing what it could to compensate and protect my back. This was resulting in the muscles throughout my back, shoulders and buttocks being extremely tense. This was most noticeable at night when faced with the impossible task of getting comfortable in bed, then when I eventually went to sleep, the discomfort would wake me several times in the night before having to face the challenge of getting upright and out of bed in the morning, which was always the most painful element.

When I spoke to Ian, already having talked in the past about Emmett and the techniques he was practicing, he suggested that I should try it out for my back. As Ian said, it couldn't hurt to try even if there was no benefit. Ian's approach to the treatment was extremely enlightening and he made me feel very at easy, explaining at each stage what he was doing and going to do next. I could feel muscles relaxing as the treatment progressed although it was fair to say I was a little sceptical of any significant benefit.

I was wrong to be sceptical. After about 20 - 30 minutes of treatment I did feel more relaxed and muscles that had been in tension, no longer were. The real benefit was yet to be felt. I went to bed that evening and slept right through the night. I didn't wake once during the night and that was the first time I could say that since my fall. Then came the morning after and I rose from my bed, albeit tentatively, however I did so without and pain. I am now looking forward to the next treatment session to ensure that the muscles remain relax, out of tension and pain free. 

Thank you Ian.

A.P. Loughborough

After more than 15 years of back pain I now have my life back. I've been able to resume horse riding and am learning to dance! All thanks to Ian's EMMETT therapies. Can't recommend this treatment enough. 

J, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

It is so nice to get a text in the evening from a lady I treated earlier that morning whilst on a horse livery yard. This lady complained of long term  extreme pain in her shoulder, causing sleepless nights, anxiety and causing her to live on pain killers. She described the pain as like  "a knife in the shoulder blade". All treatment was done outside the stable over riding clothes.

"I just want to say whatever you did today has made my shoulder feel so much easier. I haven't taken any painkillers since this morning and I feel like the knife has been pulled out of that one spot in my back. Can't thank you enough"


S. Nr Tamworth 

Such a lovely text from a lady having  severe back pain for over 18 months following child birth, It was so painful she was starting to show signs of depression with it and struggling to get to work. Already having physio with no positive result.

This was the result after one home visit and EMMETT treatment.

"Hiya, It's C........., just thought I'd let you know had no pain at all since you last came out, I had a physio appointment tomorrow but i've cancelled it and they have discharged me as I don't want them to start messing about with it whilst its ok.

So thanks so much"

C.. from Leicester

"Your Horse" Show


Horse of the year show 2017

Great fun and honour being asked to Share the EMMETT Technique at the  "Horse of the Year" show at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire 2017.

NEC holistic show


NEC Holistic Show 2018

Fantastic fun sharing the EMMETT Technique with other Holistic therapist and the general public.

Volunteering for two days doing taster treatments with  other therapists in the "chill out zone", raising £2180 for Derby Dementia support services and the Healing hands charities.

Your Horse Live 2018


Your Horse Live 2018


I was extremely honoured again to represent Emmett at Your Horse Live 2018, Working with fantastic therapists.We all had some amazing results over the three days


This is the comment from a lady I treated at the show, It was so nice of her to contact our facebook page and give us an update.

' I would like to say wow what an improvement in my fibromyalgia in such a short treatment at your horse I’m walking on my heals and feeling in less pain I’m hooked '